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At EMS Property Management, we understand the importance of matching the right people to your association management, operational and support teams with the right experience, training and service focus to achieve your vision.  All of our associates have property management experience, local expertise, industry certifications and a passion for service, and they are supported by our senior management team, which provides leadership and guidance.  Team members establish relationships with your associations and attend necessary Board and committee meetings to ensure they remain updated and involved with all of your community’s activities. In addition, we continually seek ways to improve our relationship with your community and residents to ensure your needs are being met. ​ 
​All EMS community managers must earn their Community Association Manager (CAM) license prior to being hired with our company. CAM’s maintain their license by continuing their education and completing the ethics course every three years. Ensuring that every member of the team maintains their license helps us achieve our mission or providing value and enhanced lifestyles to your Board members and residents.

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EMS Property Management requires more of a management company than just their ability to provide core management services. You need a partner that has the capacity and the resources to deliver exactly what your association and your residents need to thrive.  We realize that your community’s curb appeal – the appearance and attractiveness of its facilities and grounds – makes both an initial impact and a lasting impression on your residents, their guests and potential buyers.  The level at your Association is maintained and kept clean and beautiful serves as the first point of contact to maximizing your community’s property values.  We consider our clients’ properties to be valuable real estate assets.  Therefore, we recognize that your Association is a significant investment for your owners, as well as the place they may call home.  We take this management responsibility very seriously, so we always seek innovative ways to enhance and maximize the value of our clients’ investments, while delivering customized, cost-effective programs and services and genuinely helpful service to enrich the quality of their lives.  We can make living at your community the inviting, rewarding and care-free experience you and your residents envisioned when you selected this community as your home. That’s one of the ways we achieve our mission of making a difference, every day, for those we service.  

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